23 Feb 2021

Asphalt is one of the most widely used materials in the world for paving roads, parking lots, airport runways and many other walkable surfaces. In addition, this refined material is very useful for infrastructure construction projects, coatings and supports.

It is no wonder that asphalt is so important to modern societies, as this component enables the creation of strong and durable roads for the transportation of people, goods and services. Without asphalt, the mobilization of all these resources would be more difficult.

Good maintenance of highways, streets and roads is indispensable for progress, so that they are functional. And asphalt is one of the first options for the proper paving of the millions of kilometers that people travel every day with their vehicles.

But what makes asphalt so special – and why is asphalt mix so effective for use everywhere? There are many answers! From cost-effectiveness, material flexibility, comfort, pollution reduction, durability and many more benefits.

Are you interested to know what they are? Then you’re in the right place!

As Excavation François Nabelsi Inc, a company specialized in paving, road maintenance, thermal repair, crack sealing and excavation, we will explain here what are the advantages of asphalt and why you should use it for your different jobs.

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Discover the incredible advantages of asphalt: your best alternative

The superiority of asphalt lies in its numerous benefits, for the execution of construction and paving plans. From its ease of creation and maintenance, to its comfort, cost-effectiveness and even its reusability. Also, asphalt can be mixed with other materials for different applications.

This material is in high demand by contractors, engineers, architects and all types of professionals, who recognize its high value. Its properties (such as its viscosity, workability and malleability with temperature) make it ideal for multiple uses.

Let’s review then what are the great benefits of bitumen:

1-Asphalt is economically profitable

Being a low-cost and recyclable material, it has a higher residual value than other types of pavements. In addition, the application price is very low. Because it dries quickly, it is easier to build roads and paved areas. Even reclaimed asphalt is much cheaper because it is made from the same recycled material that retains the same quality.

2-Asphalt is durable

The useful life of asphalt is surprising. Because of its flexibility and ability to withstand overloads, this material resists for many years without considerable damage. In addition, asphalt adapts easily to different environmental and extreme weather conditions.

Therefore, it is the ideal material for weathering or for roads with high vehicular traffic. Periodic maintenance is all it takes to keep the paved area in optimum condition. No other material offers such durability.

3-Asphalt is safe for people

Asphalt is distinguished by its smooth, slip-resistant surfaces. Its finish provides maximum tire contact with the road, reducing the risk of collisions. In addition, the dark color allows better visualization of any road markings that contrast with the asphalt.

In addition, this material reduces glare and helps melt snow and ice faster than other pavements. Likewise, the danger of splashing is minimized during storms. In addition, the components of the asphalt mix can prevent potential explosions.

4-Asphalt is smooth and economical

Pavements created with asphalt are more uniform, which significantly reduces wear and tear on vehicles. The smoothness of the surface prolongs the life of your car, as well as saving you fuel and many mechanical complications in the long run.

On the other hand, asphalt areas and roads are not rough and uneven. On the contrary, they are flexible and comfortable to drive on. This decreases friction and tire detriment, in addition to making driving safer and more pleasant for drivers.

5-Asphalt is silent

Asphalt surfaces considerably reduce noise, both inside and outside a vehicle. Thus, asphalt paved roads avoid distractions and reduce driver fatigue. This material is more efficient than expensive noise barriers.

6-Asphalt is easy to maintain with fewer delays

In addition to being easy to construct, asphalt surfaces are also easy to maintain without major problems. Asphalt does not require much curing or preparation time. In a matter of hours and with little machinery, potholes and cracks can be filled and repaired.

In this way, no traffic or inconvenience to vehicles or pedestrians is generated, allowing the normal flow of activities in a region or city to continue unimpeded. In addition, thanks to the properties of asphalt (flexibility and resistance), maintenance costs are low.

7-Asphalt is recyclable and environmentally-friendly

Asphalt is 100% reusable. Worldwide, millions of tons of asphalt pavement are recycled every year. This saves millions of dollars, as well as energy for its construction. All asphalt waste maintains the same quality for use in roads, tires, shingles and construction.

This is very beneficial for companies, and for the start of new infrastructure and road works. Also, the recycling of asphalt raw material has a strong environmental impact, as it reduces the natural exploitation of resources and sites where bitumen is extracted.

8-Asphalt is aesthetic

Visually speaking, areas paved with asphalt are very attractive and pleasing to the eye of pedestrians and drivers. Not only because of its uniformity and color, but also because asphalt integrates perfectly with natural and urban environments. Thus, it further enhances the beauty of these areas.

Now that you know the fantastic advantages of asphalt, what are you waiting for to get this amazing material and boost your projects? Your paved surfaces will be safe, durable, flexible and cost-effective – whether for roads, parking lots or your own home, asphalt is your best option!

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