25 Nov 2020

If your parking lot has cracks and you don’t know what to do, buying the best asphalt sealant is the solution. However, local hardware stores tend to offer an extraordinary variety, which means that many of us don’t know which one is best.

That’s why in this article we will give you some tips to help you choose the one that is best for you. Because, with more than 24 years of experience, as Excavation François Nabelsi we are looking for you to save money, without sacrificing quality, and to obtain results that will last a lifetime.

Types of asphalt sealants

There is so much variety on the market. Because of this, and so that you don’t have problems choosing the best asphalt sealant, we take it easy to categorize them as follows:

1. Coal tar sealants

As a first option we present you the carbon sealants. These, as a characteristic, have a stronger chemical composition than the others. That is why they tend to be more resistant to motor oil or gasoline, which translates into greater durability of the asphalt, in perfect conditions.

2. Asphalt sealants

However, asphalt sealants, unlike carbon sealants, have less resistance to chemicals. However, their advantage is that they produce less odor and burns are minimal.

3. Smooth Sealers

Plain or simple sealants tend to be more economical than others. The advantage they have is that they offer a thin liquid that spreads over the corroded area. This makes it easier to repair small cracks, and it is also easier to apply.

4. Filled sealants

These are usually mixed with other materials, such as gravel or sand, to provide a doughy composition. Filled sealants help fill cracks easily, and they also perform well.

5. Silicone sealants

This is a formulation that can be installed in a wide range of temperatures. It needs to be spatulated and cured by exposure to atmospheric humidity, forming a silicone rubber gasket seal. No primer is required for most applications. During installation, which can be manual, there is no need to heat or cool the sealant.

Hot or cold pour sealants: which is better?

This question lends itself to much debate. But after extensive research, it has been proven that hot pour sealants seal large cracks better, because heat allows the sealant to create a stronger bond with the entry.

What brand should I buy?

The best asphalt sealant should offer fast drying. It should also be highly rated by large hardware store customers. On the other hand, if you choose to have an asphalt company seal your parking lot, ask about the specific type of sealant they use, to ensure that the quality is in line with your needs and that it lasts much longer.

Asphalt sealant, too, makes a huge difference in the attractiveness of a space. The best asphalt sealant, if properly applied, gives the feeling of cleanliness and good care, wherever you use it. In addition, asphalt sealant protects surfaces from the elements and erosion.

If you decide to install asphalt, buying a good sealant is not an expense, but an investment for your future. Keep in mind that, by not protecting the asphalt with preventive maintenance, the money you spend will be greater, as time goes by. That’s why buying the best asphalt sealant is a must to save as much as you should: besides, your pocket will thank you.